Saturday, April 19, 2014

she know ABC song and alphabet

She just 1 year 8 months
alhamdullilah she know ABC and also alphabet
I hope she know alif ba ta 1st.... but it's ok
She also know 123 until 10
If i show the number...she reply the correctly number
alhamdulliah allah give me strong to teach her since baby
i don't want to 'riak'....but i want to write the journey i grow up her
Maybe one day, she read my blog what i done for her..

p/s : mama dia dulu pun kenal ABC 6 tahun.... pandai baca darjah 1.... Budak-budak zaman generasi alpha makin pandai-pandai


  1. Besar dah balqis... nanti dah x kenal cik nina dah.,.. jarang sgt jumpa... ehhehehe :-P



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